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Self-consumption is the generation of electrical energy through photovoltaic solar panels for own consumption. This practice can be carried out by individuals, families, neighborhood communities, companies, official bodies, etc. as long as the electricity produced is consumed by themselves. The system used to produce, store and use this energy is called a self-consumption system.


There are two types of self-consumption systems: connected to the grid or isolated.



As their name indicates, they are systems connected to the electricity grid, which allow the surplus electricity (not consumed) to be dumped into the electricity grid itself, as well as to use electricity from the general grid when there is not enough production of its own electricity.

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This type of self-consumption installation does not have a connection to the general electrical network, so it does not allow to dump excess electricity or consume from the general network. In this type of installation the electricity consumption is instantaneous (the electricity produced is consumed at the moment) and the surplus is stored in batteries for later use (for example, at night, when the photovoltaic solar panels do not generate electricity).



Solar garages or Solar Parkings are parking lots where solar panels are installed on their roofs. According to the available solar resource, electricity will be generated that can be accumulated in batteries (type of grid systems) to take advantage of it in the facilities near the parking lot. Or directly supply: industries, factories, shopping centers, supermarkets, airports, residences, fuel service stations, etc; and take advantage of it as photovoltaic self-consumption.


Having a solar garage or solar parking will give prestige to your company or business, it will make it innovative and you can take advantage of it to generate your own energy to generate savings in your consumption. Likewise, your company will be sustainable with the environment.


This type of structure can be installed and assembled anywhere, the structures are versatile and require short installation and assembly times. The projects of the structure can be designed to suit the client.


In this type of structures BEZER offers multiple finishes and design options, it can be installed and assembled anywhere, the structures are versatile and require short installation, assembly and commissioning times. The projects of the structure can be designed to suit the client.



Benefits of solar garages (solar parking):


  • Generate income due to the generation of energy from a surface that previously did not produce.

  • Attract customers who benefit from comfort and security.

  • Reduce energy costs.

  • Business projection by being able to incorporate electric vehicle charging stations and points.

  • Increase the value of the property.

  • Protect vehicles from inclement weather.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Discounts and tax incentives available.


Solar roofs integrate the latest advances in solar energy in their innovative concept of a roof free of impact on buildings and infrastructures. This makes a notable difference, opening up new possibilities by overcoming the limitations of today's conventional roofs. Thus, among other applications, they allow a more intelligent use of buildings, parking lots, walks and other types of infrastructures, making it possible even to supply energy to electric vehicles in advanced urban transport solutions.

SOLAR PARKS (Large Utility Scale)

We take care of the development and conception of large-scale solar projects (Powers greater than 20MW), helping the developers and promoters of the project to generate the viability of the projects.


In the same way, we prepare basic engineering, analyze the solar resource, calculate energy and help our client in choosing the main equipment such as: solar modules, investment centers, transformers, etc.


In the execution of the project, we are in charge of preparing civil studies such as: geotechnical studies, topographic survey (traditional methodology and LiDAR methodology), hydrological studies, etc; executive detailed engineering for civil works and electrical works and technical assistance in the field, during the main milestones.

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BEZER Consultoría de Ingeniería develops medium power solar parks, from 10 kW to 5/10 MW of power.


It has the technical capacity to develop solar parks for small and / or medium-sized companies that wish to generate energy and inject it into the Public Network or for self-consumption.


Our services cover all stages of the project, from a visit without obligation, which will allow you to carry out a personalized and efficient preliminary study, to the start-up of the plant, certifying the agreed energy production levels, and maintenance service. integral of the plant.

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BEZER Consultoría de Ingeniería will guide you through each stage of your project, from site assessment, system design, sourcing, installation, to operations and maintenance services.



  • Feasibility study

  • Electrical Design of the Photovoltaic System

  • Financial analysis

  • Permits and Application

  • Design engineering:

  • Electrical Design of the Photovoltaic System,

  • Design and calculation of support structure


Our pre-feasibility electrical / photovoltaic engineering services are designed to accelerate the construction of your solar project. From the first conception and pre-feasibility studies to the design of the photovoltaic system; we have the professional skills and experience necessary for a project to be carried out quickly and efficiently.



  • Projects management

  • Product acquisition

  • Installation of solar panels

  • Start up


During the construction phase of your project, we are dedicated to taking care of the technical details from the civil construction stage to the electrical and mechanical assembly, as well as the connection to the public grid and commissioning of the PV system. We care about the safety of the project site, the safety of our installers, teamwork, communication, and good results.

To ensure that your project is completed on time and properly, all of its stages are monitored by technical project experts and supervisors on the job site.



  • Maintenance

  • Upgrade technology

  • Data monitoring

  • Emergency response team


To ensure the quality and longevity of your solar energy system, we can provide professional post-construction services using state-of-the-art technology to continuously monitor and control system performance.

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