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1- Design of the medium voltage collector network (RMT)

RMT's internal collecting network executive project consists of verifying the sections of the underground and / or overhead cables indicated in the engineering to evacuate all the power to the unit substation of each wind turbine in the case of wind farms or Investment centers (inverter stations), in the case of solar parks; with the least possible loss and specify the technical, execution and economic conditions of the Medium Voltage underground or aerial network that will supply the SET to be installed.

Likewise, the RMT design includes the design of the trenches for the wiring along the internal roads and / or roads of the wind farm or solar park between the equipment and the substation, within the property of each project.

2- Design of Electrical Substations (SET)

An electrical substation is an installation, or set of electrical devices, that is part of an electrical power system. Its main function is the production, conversion, regulation and distribution of electrical energy. The substation must modify and establish the voltage levels of an electrical infrastructure, so that electrical energy can be transported and distributed.


Considering the function they perform within the electrical energy transmission network, the following types of transformer substations are distinguished: interconnection, pure transformation, Interconnection with transformation, Central.


The scope of the services we offer at a conceptual, basic and / or executive level are:


  • SET Control Building

  • Substation:

    • Civil Component

    • Electromechanical Component

    • Electrical Component

3- Design of Overhead Transmission Lines and Network Connection

The design of the overhead transmission line (LTA-OHL) corresponds to the connection through circuits between the Electrical Substation of the wind / solar project with the local Electrical Substation. The design considers the requirements of the authority of the Network (Transportadora). The design can contemplate possible extensions of existing Electrical Substations.


The scope of the services we offer at a conceptual, basic and / or executive level are:


  • Lines of transmission

  • Expansion of Existing Substations

  • Communications System

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