Precast Concrete Towers
BYO TOWERS construction system

BYO TOWERS construction system

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BEZER Consultoría de Ingeniería is the Representative in Argentina and Colombia of the Spanish company BYO Towers that has developed and patented a new system for the construction of concrete towers (concrete) for wind turbines in wind farms.


Basically, the patent that BYO Towers has developed consists of a prefabricated tower at the base of what will be its final position.


It is made up of frustoconical sections 11.50 m high each. Thus, a 120 m tower would have 10 conical sections, the last of which incorporates the steeladaptor to join the tower with the wind turbine and achieve the desired height. There are no panels or segments, there are no vertical joints - so expensive and delicate to execute - there are no rings or small concrete elem